The 3 Gs of High Performance Professionals

Industry professionals like yourself are very comparable to athletes. Ok, you may not put in the amount of physical training that some athletes do, but like them you have goals to achieve, have to prepare well for performances, and sometimes have to actually perform under immense pressure to get that desired result.Understanding what high performance athletes do and use can be very beneficial for executives, leaders and managers in all sectors. Here are my three simple Gs to help you become a high performance professional.

1. Graft

Whether you like it or not, you have to work hard for your success. High performance athletes know that every training session counts and that maximum effort during this preparation phase is required. They don’t train to train, they train to compete. They create challenging and sometimes stressful situations in practice to really test themselves and work at a rate which is close to if not the same as the competition itself.

To work hard a high performance athlete knows exactly what motivates them. This keeps them on track doing what they need to do, keeps them accountable to themselves and others, and drives them to complete their tasks. They know how to push themselves to their limits.

2. Grit

Times will get tough during your pursuit of excellence and if you are to succeed then you’re going to have to deal with disappointments. Athletes at the highest level of performance often make mistakes and fail, but they do not dwell on these moments nor allow them to impact their goal achievement. They use them as learning opportunities, and treat them as essential moments for development.

For them to act this way has required them to become resilient and hardy, knowing and accepting that failure is par for the course. They are quick to move on from these events, taking the information they need from them and applying solutions to similar future scenarios. They don’t let these events get them down. They have developed a number of strategies to cope with pressure so they can persist longer and at the end of day succeed even if it wasn’t at the first attempt. They do not slack off and they do not give up.

3. Gratitude

As tough as it can be (the long hours, the setbacks, the self-doubt), no high performance athlete would want to be anywhere else. They just love it. They know all the effort, all that pain, and all those sacrifices are worth it to achieve the desired result. They enjoy how tough it is even though they may not say so at the time, and above all they are grateful to be in their position, doing what they love.

It’s a wonderful feeling when your dreams become reality. Thanking all those that helped you along the way, giving yourself time to reflect on what you’ve actually accomplished and just enjoying the moment are essential. Being a successful high performance athlete can be very fulfilling indeed, and for most, they are satisfied with what they have and what will be.

Being an industry professional you have to accept that the above are essential if you want to progress to that next level of performance. If you want to achieve significant results and have a real impact on growth and development in yourself and your sector, then you have to become a high performance professional. As someone who wants to be successful and who wants to strive for greatness you know that GRAFT, GRIT and GRATITUDE are key.

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