The Power of Deliberate Positive Thinking

Did you know it’s only natural for us to think more negatively? You may question this, in fact you may simply disagree, but that’s probably because you’re a glass half full type of person and do your best to see the positives in your life. For most of us though, we tend to have more negative or neutral thoughts in a day than positive, useful ones. How sad!

Life is full of amazing things and we all have the power to focus and attend to these when we want to, but we still dwell, doubt and worry about nearly everything around us. Why is this? Well here’s an interesting little tale (and this is very basic indeed). We have evolved from reptiles and our natural behaviours of fight, flight and freeze can still be attributed to that tiny part of our brain where our little lizard remains. We get angry and want to attack. We panic and run away. We get scared and stand frozen to the spot. And because we have the potential to behave like this, we tend to find ourselves still thinking whether we are in danger of being swooped upon by some hawk circling above. Ok, you never think that, but the reptile in you would. You, being the advanced, evolved human that you are, just worry about a thousand other things instead.

So, how do we overcome this? The trick here is to deliberately implement positive thinking. Sounds simple doesn’t it. Don’t just wait for positive thoughts to appear in your mind, leaving them to chance. Actively engage in positive thinking. Take some time to think of how great you are at what you do, big yourself up and praise yourself for a job well done.

Sometimes thoughts can be hugely negative. They can spiral out of control so much that they are harmful and damaging. Thinking irrationally has become an habit for many of us. I ask you to try and be more rational by embracing a strategy of positive self-talk. You must create a positive set of statements that you can repeat to yourself to bring you back from the depths of despair. Believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself and be kind to yourself most of all.

If you are able to give some dedicated time each day to positive thinking, then this has a massive impact on how you behave. Its well-known that thoughts influence our actions so think clearly, think positively and think confidently and watch how this starts to effect what you do. To be honest you should be giving yourself a number of opportunities every day to engage in deliberate positive thinking about yourself and what you are doing. Go on, give it a try and see what happens.

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