Celebrating Success

There are so many reasons we should be celebrating our success and so many ways to do it. Yet often I see people struggle to take the time to enjoy what they’ve achieved. All too often we allow our human desire to strive, overtake our need to feel joy and we rush on to the next mountain before appreciating the view from the one we just climbed.

My wife Sonya is a contributor at our consultancy business, Ultimate Performance, and recalls a past client when she was a business manager for a large recruitment firm. She was often struck by their amazing ability to celebrate. The client was a call-centre and they sold life insurance – amongst other things. Their celebrations were enthusiastic and often. Each time someone had a win they stood up, proclaimed it loudly and the team would stand up to cheer and clap. The energy in the room was immense. It was an open plan office space in a time when this layout wasn’t as commonplace as it is now and the noise level was pretty high. There were times that the volume went down a little but mostly when she entered the space she was wowed by the energy.

Now for those of you who don’t know phone sales, life insurance is a hard sell, yet finding staff for this customer wasn’t difficult. As far as call-centres went it was the place to be. This was due to their culture of celebration and reputation for positivity. A quick google search shows that 15 years on the business is still operating their head office in central Sydney. No mean feat considering most call-centres have been pushed offshore. Sonya took some of their culture back to her own offices in the form of stand up WIP’s (a quick share of work in progress) a bell to signal a sale, and a clear outline of KPI’s and how the team were tracking, all displayed visually in a space everyone could easily move to see.

Celebration in a team involves communicating more (fast and often), being energetic when acknowledging achievement, allowing time to pause for a moment to allow recognition, visual displays of success and strong team spirit. This last part is important. We all have different skill-sets and it is important to understand how each member of your team contributes to success. It may not be that they were the ‘deal closer’, but by celebrating their part of the process we ensure that celebration doesn’t become a way to shame people who are not in the glory roles. An effective, positive manager understands all the parts that have gone into a win and recognises each person, thereby making them part of the shared celebration, but still providing opportunities for the individuals to shine.

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