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What are mental skills?

Mental skills are internal capabilities that people can learn to control their minds efficiently and consistently to help enhance performance, increase enjoyment or achieve greater self-satisfaction.

Who is mental skills and mindset coaching for?

Mental skills and mindset coaching is for everyone and anyone. Our services are aimed at those who are trying to improve themselves by being better than before, ultimately leading to greater performance and success. We typically work with young emerging and high performance athletes/teams, individual professionals such as doctors, surgeons and lawyers, and business/corporate teams.

What is Ultimate Performance’s holistic approach?

At Ultimate Performance we pride ourselves on working with clients on the four levels of personal development: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. We also believe in offering services beyond mental skills coaching and therefore utilise a number of partner services to meet the unique demands of the client. These include yoga, strength and conditioning, and nutrition.

How many sessions are required?

There is no magic number and improvements are largely determined by the client’s level of engagement. Our Creating High Performance Habits of Excellence programme has been designed to ensure that individual clients receive enough coaching to experience change for the better. This programme consists of 6 x 1 hour consultancy sessions.